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Three Levels
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Primary Identity Approach


Webinar Training



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Live Training Opportunities

Overview of our exciting new training programs:



RCM DID Training Program and Online Webinar Training

Events Schedule for 2023





Basic Survivors' School of Healing

January 9 — January 28: Recorded


Basic Survivors' School of Healing

April 10 — April 29: Recorded



Advanced Survivors' School of Healing—Part A

June 1-2, 5-6: Online Live


Basic Survivors' School of Healing

July 10 — July 29: Recorded


Advanced Survivors' School of Healing—Part B

August 7-26: Recorded

(Q&A webinars on August 12 & 26)


Basic Survivors' School of Healing

October 2 — October 21: Recorded






June 17—Free Webinar: Healing Approaches for DID and RA


July 1—Internal Alignment for DID and RA Healing


See "Online Webinar Training" link above
in the SPECIAL NOTICE box for our recorded webinars.





LEVEL I: Non-Ritual Abuse


RDT Unit 1: Preliminary Counseling Issues: March 13-18

(March 13-16 online recorded; March 17-18 online live)



RDT Unit 2: Primary Identity Approach: March 27-31

(March 27, 30 online recorded; March 28, 29, 31 online live)



RDT Unit 3: Prenatal Healing I (Non-Ritual Abuse): April 15-22

(April 17-20 online recorded; April 15, 21, 22 online live)



LEVEL II: Ritual Abuse


RDT Unit 4: Spiritual Realm & Control Dynamics: September 6-9

(Sept. 6 & 8 online recorded; Sept. 7 & 9 online live)

RDT Unit 5: Healing the Human Dynamics of Ritual Abuse: September 11

(online live)

RDT Unit 6: Healing Control & Spiritual Dynamics: September 13-16

(Sept. 13, 15 online recorded; Sept. 14 &16 online live)

RDT Unit 7: The Kingdom of Darkness: October 11-14

(Oct. 11, 12, 14 online live; Oct. 13 online recorded)

RDT Unit 8: Renunciation Writing: October 25-28

(online live)


RDT Unit 9: Prenatal Healing II: November 8-11

(online live)




LEVEL III: Graduate Mentoring and Supervision

RDT: Graduate Mentoring and Supervision

(up to 5 days, excluding Sunday, according to interest level)
February 6-7 & 9-11 (Online live)


Order recordings of past live training webinars

including those required for certification.


Links to more information of upcoming events will be made as details for each event become available.


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email Joy at rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org

For general questions about an event:

email Sheila, at information@rcm-usa.org

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