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We believe these

lectures are foundational

in order to minister

effectively to DID survivors.


While these topics focus on DID, general principles are presented which are applicable for anyone doing prayer ministry or counseling.



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RCM's 4th Edition Training Series
Staff 1

Restoring the Shattered Training Series (RTS)

Expanded & updated 4th Edition by Diane Hawkins

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This training series represents Restoration in Christ Ministries' most recent and inclusive update of materials providing a deep understanding of the dynamics of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and the many issues that must be addressed to bring healing to this clientele. It includes an understanding of the nature of ritual abuse and the complex spiritual bondages that accompany those who have been subjected to this extreme type of trauma serving the agenda of Satan.


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(4 Modules - 24 CDs) with 259-Pg. manual

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(4 Modules - 1 MP3-CD) with 259-Pg. manual

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(4 Modules - 13 DVDs) with 259-Pg. manual

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The Survivor's Journey - Module 1

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Diane's Story: What is Wrong with Me?

Becoming Whole: What Do I Need to Get There?

The Importance of God on the Journey

How to Have a Real Relationship with God

The Importance of Survivor Education

Motivation and Perseverance

Sarah's Story: Using New Insights to Accelerate the Healing Journey

Dynamics of DID - Module 2

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Types and Levels of Brokenness

Diagnostic Symptoms

Understanding Traumatic Memory

Healing Traumatic Memory




Primary Identity Approach to Healing DID - Module 3

Updated September 2015

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The DID System: Alter-Identities

The DID System: Primary Identities

The Dissociative Process

The Healing Process

Restoring the Original Self


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Ritual Abuse & Spiritual Warfare - Module 4

Updated & expanded August 2016

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History of Luciferianism

Ritual Abuse Dynamics I

Ritual Abuse Dynamics II

Spiritual Warfare Dynamics I

Spiritual Warfare Dynamics II

Spiritual Warfare Dynamics III

Prenatal Healing Process

Overview of the Healing Journey


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Staff 1Restoring the Shattered - Manual (only) - 4th Edition (updated & expanded)

by Diane Hawkins (259 Pgs.)


A Manual of Healing for those Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. This manual is intended to accompany the full training available by this title in CD, DVD, and MP3 formats.

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Selections from Module 1 of the RTS Training Series


Staff 1Diane's Story

by Diane W. Hawkins


Excerpted from Module 1 of our Restoring the Shattered training series, this DVD (or 2 CDs) consists of the first two presentations in our Restoring the Shattered training series. Diane recounts her journey to understand the confusing symptoms in her life, to reach a diagnosis of DID with a history of sexual and ritual abuse, and to find healing. She describes the crucial concepts that she had to learn and apply in order to obtain complete spiritual freedom and integration.



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