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Bringing into focus the

spiritual dynamics that stifle

the psychological process

of healing from

dissociative disorders.

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The focus of RCM


RCM offers training and support to those called to restore lives shattered by abuse.

This is accomplished in the following ways:



RESOURCES: RCM offers education and support to those whose lives have been shattered by severe abuse and those called to minister restoration to them.


TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES: RCM offers advanced training to therapists and prayer ministers engaged in ministering to the severely abused. The RCM DID Training Program offers the unique opportunity of learning from live ministry sessions led by Diane Hawkins.

SURVIVOR EDUCATION: RCM is devoted to educating and empowering survivors to know what they need to gain healing. This information is disseminated through our varied resource materials as well as a quarterly Survivor Matters newsletter and the Survivors' School of Healing for survivors and their partner.

SUPPORT: RCM offers telephone and e-mail support to anyone struggling to understand and interact with abuse survivors. This includes pastors, cell group leaders, spouses, and family members. Our understanding of this subject comes from compassionate staff who have walked the journey themselves and worked closely with the late Dr. Tom Hawkins.