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RECORDED Online ADVANCED Survivors' School of Healing
Part B: Ritual Abuse Dynamics

July 22—August 10, 2024

Registration Form


TO REGISTER: Download, print, complete, sign, and mail or fax the above Registration Form as instructed.




Part B of the Advanced Survivors’ School of Healing provides a roadmap for understanding and pursuing freedom from the human, spiritual, and control dynamics of ritual abuse.


School Instructor


Diane Hawkins, President of Restoration in Christ Ministries




The recorded school will be available 24/7 from July 22 to August 10, allowing you the freedom to watch the recorded segments on your own schedule. The total time is approximately 23 hours and will consist of devotions, teaching sessions, demonstration videos, and Q & A times.

A live, 2-hour, Q & A webinar with Diane will be available on Saturday, July 27 and Saturday, August 10 at noon Eastern time to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

You will receive:

  • A link for each segment of the school and a password for access.

  • A separate link for the live Q & A webinars with Diane, which will be sent on July 25.

For our liability concerns and the commitment we have made to the survivors whose live ministry demonstrations are shown, we request that you do not share the website links that you will receive with any person other than your designated support partner.


Registration deadline is July 15 in order to allow time for receipt and completion of prerequisite materials.

Who May Attend


The school is open to all ritual abuse survivors who meet the qualifications specified on page 2 and are on our current mailing list or are recommended by someone who is. Everyone must have a support person attend with them unless authorization is obtained otherwise. Counselors and prayer ministers may also attend on their own.





  • Attendance at any prior Basic Survivors’ School of Healing.
  • Spiritual Warfare I  Webinar
  • Ancestral Bondages Webinar
  • Internal Alignment for DID and RA Healing Webinar

         (Webinar recordings available for purchase on our website)


Counselors and Prayer Ministers:

   All counselors and prayer ministers, including interns, attending alone or serving as support people must attend or view the
   above webinars plus have attended one of the following in order to get the most benefit from the school:

  • Online Basic Survivors’ School of Healing.
  • Week 1 (previously) or Unit 2 (currently) of our RCM DID Training Program

  • Week 1 of Tom Hawkins Memorial Internship Program
  • Online Primary Identity Approach Training (Primary Identity Approach webinars 1, 2, & 3)


  • Survivors—$150

  • Spouse, friend, or RDT Level II intern grad as support persons—no charge

  • Counselors/prayer ministers serving as support persons—$75

  • Repeat Part B attendees—Free  (Just email rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org)

  • RDT Level II intern grads—Free  (Just email rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org)
  • Counselors/prayer ministers attending alone—$175

         Counselors/prayer ministers will receive a prerequisite discount for this school and the required webinars upon registering
         for Unit 4 of our RCM DID Training Program.


     Spiritual Warfare I Webinar (prerequisite)

  • $10 for survivors ($20 for counselors/prayer ministers)

     Internal Alignment for DID and RA Healing Webinar (prerequisite)

  • $20 for survivors ($40 for counselors/prayer ministers)

     Ancestral Bondages Webinar (prerequisite)

  • $20 for survivors ($40 for counselors/prayer ministers)


Financial assistance available. Mark appropriate place on application.


Note: Survivors and their counselor/prayer minister may share the prerequisite resources rather than pay separately for them if they are able to
         watch the webinars together on the same device.


Registration Form


Registration and payment questions: 540-249-1027

Other school information or questions: 540-249-9119