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Restoring the Shattered - Manual (only) - 4th Edition (expanded & updated)

(Updated August 2016) SKU# PRS - $40 Add to Cart

by Diane Hawkins (259 Pgs.)

German Translation For purchase in Germany

German Translation For purchase in the USA


A Manual of Healing for those Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. This manual is intended to accompany the full training available by this title in CD, DVD, and MP3 formats.

(NOTE: This manual is included in the Restoring the Shattered DVD, CD and MP3-CD sets, but is not included with individual module orders.)

(Those who previously purchased an edition of this manual can call 540-249-1027 to receive the 4th edition for only $20.00.)


Discounts available for quantity orders. Call 540-249-1027 to request this discount.


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A Survivor's Workbook: Applying the Primary Identity Approach for Healing DID

by Diane W. Hawkins

German Translation For purchase in Germany

German Translation For purchase in the USA


SKU# PSC - $25 Add to Cart

Expanded 2020 3rd Edition

(127 pgs)


This valuable resource guides survivors step-by-step through the Primary Identity Approach to resolve

the dissociative dynamics of DID.


Those who purchased previous editions of the Survivor’s Workbook
can call 540-249-1027 to order an updated edition at a reduced price.

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Multiple Identities: Understanding and Supporting the Severely Abused

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# PMI - $20 Add to Cart
(232 pgs)
3rd Edition - Copyright © 2002-2009
Expanded and Revised


Diane Hawkins' book, previously published as Supporting Ritual Abuse Survivors, has been updated and expanded to 232 pages. It is designed to bring understanding and support to survivors of severe childhood abuse, especially those who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as a result of sexual or ritual abuse.

Covering a wide range of topics, including trust, dissociation, memory, conflict, emotions, self-harm, and spiritual warfare, the book concludes with three appendices providing a glossary of terms, a list of types of alter-identities, and a Satanic calendar.

>> More Information <<

Staff 1

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Recognizing and Restoring the Severely Abused

by Tom Hawkins with Diane Hawkins

SKU# PD1 - $25.00 Add to Cart

(242 pgs)

Copyright © 2009


Due to Dr. Tom Hawkins’ death in 2010, the envisioned volumes 2 and 3 of this series will not be completed.

The material that was to be covered in these additional volumes is presented in Modules 3 & 4 of our Restoring the Shattered Training Series.



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Staff 1

The Cosmic Hierarchy - Study Notes

by Tom Hawkins

Cosmic Hierarchy Study Notes - SKU# PCH - $20 (82 pgs) Add to Cart

Copyright © 2007-2009

The Original Study Notes (2007) of Dr. Hawkins were developed in preparation for the initial version of The Cosmic Hierarchy CD set.


The updated version of The Cosmic Hierarchy, available in both DVD and CD formats, presents a more concise, updated teaching on this critical subject pertinent to all Christians and deliverance ministers. Enjoy his very last teaching recorded in October 2010. Newly updated expansion of "Celestial Hierarchy" and "Heavenly Realms" lectures in the Restoring Shattered Lives training series.


The Study Notes must be ordered separately. To order the DVDs or CDs, go to Spiritual Dynamics

Staff 1How Protected Are You? -The Christian's Spiritual Armor

(Chapter 13 reprint from Multiple Identities book)

by Diane W. Hawkins, M.A.


SKU# PPY - $7.00 Add to Cart

(43-pgs) Copyright © 2009

This booklet is an extensive Biblical study of the character traits represented by the various pieces of the spiritual armor described in Ephesians 6:11-17. Diane addresses the place of evil in God’s overall plan for mankind and the provisions that He has made for the protection of His children, particularly examining the character traits represented by the various pieces of the spiritual armor. After setting the context for the presence of evil in our world and in God’s overall plan for mankind, Diane describes the means God has designed for Christians to be protected from evil attacks on their lives. She views the parts of the spiritual armor, other than the helmet and the sword, not as automatic gifts received at salvation but as patterns of godliness that must be developed in one’s life.


Staff 1JUDGMENTS & BITTERNESS as Clutter that Hinders Prayer for Emotional Healing
by Dr Karl & Charlotte Lehman

SKU# PJB - $7.00 (34-pgs) Add to Cart


Endorsement by Tom Hawkins:


Judgments and Bitterness come with the territory for abuse survivors. That does not imply that they are bad, but it does hinder their progress toward healing.


Dr. Karl and Charlotte Lehman have teamed up as a psychiatrist and a pastoral counselor to address the issue from an experiential and practical perspective. While the material is available on their website, we have received their permission to provide hard copies for those who prefer a booklet format.


The authors will receive $1 for each booklet sold to support their research, writing and ministry.


Staff 1

Ordinary People in God's Hands: A Tribute to God

by Diane Powell Hawkins


SKU# POP - $17.00 (526-pgs) Add to Cart

Copyright © 2005

Drawing from vivid life experiences of missionaries serving with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), this remarkable account chronicles the faithfulness of God through every step of the missionary journey. You will be deeply inspired by stories of courage, perseverance, sacrifice, and divine enablement. If you ever doubted God’s ability to use YOU in Christian service, this book will increase your confidence that He can use anyone with a willing and obedient heart.


From the Back Cover

Drawing from vivid life experiences of missionaries serving in Zimbabwe with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), this remarkable account chronicles the faithfulness of God through every step of the missionary endeavor. Gain a candid, inside view of missions as you read inspiring stories of courage, perseverance, and sacrifice highlighted by God's faithful provision, protection, and enablement. >> MORE <<

Staff 1

Messages from My Super-Special Daddy

by Diane W. Hawkins


SKU# PSD -$7.00 Add to Cart


Copyright © 2007

Messages taken from Scripture and designed particularly for those who have had absent or abusive fathers; yet the poignant words and promises apply to all of God's children.



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