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Attention Survivors!


This is a training opportunity

for you that includes

ministry demonstrations

and practical exercises.


Very helpful to both you and your counselor or partner.

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Focusing on the Primary Identity Approach



Advanced Survivors' School of Healing




Part A: Primary Identity Approach
May 28-29 & May 31—June 1, 2024

Deadline for registration is May 23.
Deadline for payment is May 24.






For questions regarding registration, email: rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org.


Part A of this advanced school extends the teachings of the Basic Online Survivors’ School of Healing by providing deeper insights for troubleshooting and an interactive opportunity to explore personal stuck places in applying the Primary Identity Approach for healing DID. This may potentially include the opportunity to receive limited ministry in front of the group.


School Instructor:  

Diane Hawkins, President of Restoration in Christ Ministries


Who May Attend:

  • All dissociated survivors of childhood trauma who meet the qualifications specified on page 2 of the registration form. Every survivor must have a support person attend with them unless authorization is obtained otherwise.

  • Counselors and prayer ministers may also attend on their own for learning purposes.




Attendance at the Basic Survivors’ School of Healing (This is required for all survivors as well as for counselors and prayer ministers attending alone or serving as support people in order to get the most benefit from the school. It does not apply to spouses or friends serving as support persons.)




  • Survivors attending on-camera - $175
  • Survivors attending off-camera - $125

  • Counselors or prayer ministers attending as support people - $100
  • Counselors or prayer ministers attending alone - $150
  • No charge for family member or friend serving as support person
  • No charge for RDT interns
     Attendance Options:

  • On-camera option (limited to 11 survivors):  If you are willing to be video-recorded, you may be part of the visible group with whom Diane will interact directly and who will be eligible to receive ministry to help get unstuck from a Primary Identity Approach problem. You must be able to attend all sessions in their entirety to be in the on-camera group. We would also like you to have a headset/microphone in order to reduce feedback and background noise unless you are alone in a perfectly quiet room.

  • Off-camera option: If you prefer not be video-recorded, you may audit with your camera off. You will be able to ask questions via a Chat box but not to receive ministry.


We will run the program from 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight Time to 6:30 p.m. with a 45-minute break in the middle (along with other shorter breaks). The daily schedule will consist of devotions, teaching reviews, extensive Q & A, and mini live ministry sessions.





To register, print and complete this Registration Form:



For questions regarding registration email: rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org