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This is a training opportunity for you that includes ministry demonstrations
and practical exercises.


Very helpful to both you and your counselor or partner.


DATES for the 2023

Basic Survivors' School

of Healing

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Focusing on the Primary Identity Approach


RCM RECORDED Basic Survivors' School of Healing






This school is designed to educate and guide survivors in achieving healing from the dissociative dynamics of DID using the Primary Identity Approach, which greatly shortens the process compared to the traditional alter-centered approach. Training will include teaching from Diane Hawkins, live ministry videos, and step-by-step personal application in a provided workbook. The school will be presented from a Christian perspective.




The recorded school consists of 20 hours of teaching, allowing you the freedom to watch the recorded segments on your own schedule. You will receive a link for each day of the school and a password for access. You will also receive a link and password for a live Q & A webinar with Diane Hawkins for the last day of the school.


New registrations must be submitted by the first day of the school in order to allow time for receipt of prerequisite materials and completion of the course. (Repeat attendees may register at any time.)


School Facilitator


Diane Hawkins, President of Restoration in Christ Ministries


Who May Attend

  • Trauma survivors: All trauma survivors can benefit from the school, but it is especially designed for those with some level of dissociation in their lives.

  • Counselors and Prayer Ministers: DID healing facilitators desiring to know how to use the Primary Identity Approach for healing DID are welcome to attend with or without a survivor for educational purposes.

Prerequisites for Survivors

  • Listen to the "Why Am I Not Getting Healed?" CD.
  • Listen to the "Experiencing More of God NOW" CD.
  • Purchase and read the introduction to A Survivor’s Workbook: Applying the Primary Identity Approach to the Healing of DID.
  • Arrange for your counselor or support person to be with you during the sessions at least for the first time that you view the recordings. Contact us if that is a problem.


  • First time attendees:
      - Survivors  $75*      Counselors/Prayer ministers as support persons  $75*
      - Counselors/prayer ministers attending alone  $150*  
      - Family member, friend, or RDT intern as support person:  No charge

  • Repeat Attendees: No charge
  • A Survivor's Workbook: Applying the Primary Identity Approach to Healing DID_3rd Edition:  $25
    (required for all survivors and counselors/prayer ministers attending alone)
      Please contact RCM office for upgrade options if you have a previous version.
  • Survivor Prerequisite CDs:  $7 each or $4 as download

*Financial Assistant is available by application, if needed.