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Ministry Guides

by Diane Hawkins




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Helpful Guides for People Doing DID Ministry


Helpful Guides on
DID and Ritual Abuse Topics


Complete Set of All Ministry Guides

(all guides in a convenient 3-ring binder)


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The Primary Identity Approach

Staff 1

Primary Identity Approach

Provides guidance in implementing the Primary Identity Approach for healing DID.


1_Two Parts of the Identity System

2_Main Primary Identities

3_Perpetrator-Connected Primary Identity

4_Other Primary Identities

4a_Questions for Identifying Primary Identities

5_Understanding Intolerable Conflicts

6_Identifying Intolerable Conflicts

6a_Questions for Identifying Intolerable Conflicts

7_Resolving Intolerable Conflicts

8_The DID Healing Process

9_Understanding Presentation Styles

10_Identifying a Presenting System




Complete Set of 12 Guides


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This set of 12 ministry guides

will give you the basics of the

Primary Identity Approach

at your fingertips,

providing easy reference as

you need it in the process.


Call 540-249-1027 if you need to order

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Prenatal Healing Process

Staff 1

Complete Set of All Prenatal Healing Process Guides - SKU# MPN - $25 Add to Cart

(9 guides and 9 renunciations)

(updated and expanded 2020)


This set provides step-by-step instructions for utilizing RCM’s Prenatal Healing Process along
with 9 renunciations often needed.




Prenatal Healing Guides come in a convenient 3-ring binder



Working with Identities

Staff 1


Set of 6 - SKU# MWI - $12.00 Add to Cart


Original Self

Represents the original, undivided, non-material soul and spirit of the person that God created.

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These are identities that protect the person or other identities from any further abuse and/or perceived danger.

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Shields are identities that are positioned in front of a critical identity or system and serve solely to block access to it.

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Little Ones

These are primary identities that get frozen at a young age for some reason.

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Cult-Connected Identities

These are identities that are indoctrinated and programmed by an organized perpetrator group for their own purposes, exhibiting varying degrees of cult-loyalty. SKU# MCC - $4.00 Add to Cart



These are apparent identities that, in reality, represent a fused union between an identity fragment and a demon, allowing them to pose as identities. SKU# MDS - $4.00 Add to Cart


Each guide is printed on an 8.5"x11" laminated 2-sided sheet.


Counseling Issues

Staff 1

Set of 2 - SKU# MCI - $6.00 Add to Cart


How Do I Know My Memories are Real?

This guide will help survivors decide if their memories are true, based on a scientific understanding of the nature of genuine Traumatic Memories.

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Dealing with Anger

A Ministry Guide to aid in defining and resolving anger (described in the "Anger, Hate & Forgiveness" CD).

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Each guide is printed on an 8.5"x11" laminated 2-sided sheet.



Spiritual Warfare

Staff 1

Set of 11 - SKU# MSW - $22 Add to Cart


Distinguishing Demons and Alters

This guide provides distinguishing characteristics of demons and alter-identities present in those with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Much harm can be done to a person when alter-identities are treated as demons to be cast out.
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The Binding and Separating Prayer

This prayer, developed by RCM to be used at the beginning of ministry sessions with ritual abuse survivors, is designed to separate the survivor from all ungodly influence during the session so that work can proceed with the person’s humanity without interference by the evil realm. On the reverse side is a prayer to use at the end of the session to keep the enemy from retaliating in any way for what was done.
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Breaking Ungodly Relationship Bonds

Various types of ungodly relationships can cause spiritual entities in one person to flow to another. This prayer will guide you in how to break these relationship bonds and to cleanse yourself of ungodly entities that may have gained access to you through those bonds. SKU# MUR - $4.00 Add to Cart


Breaking Generational Inheritances ( Set of 4 Guides)

Gaining spiritual freedom is accomplished most efficiently by breaking off spiritual bondages at their entrance points. Often this is in one’s generational line. This set of 4 guides provides an extensive inventory of potential generational iniquities and curses as well as the prayer format to guide you in breaking the bondages that you recognize in your life. SKU# MGI (4 guides) - $10.00 Add to Cart


What to Do When under Spiritual Attack

This guide will help you identify possible open doors in your personal life that might allow a spiritual attack to come on you or your family or ministry. It includes a point-by-point examination of each piece of your spiritual armor. SKU# MWA - 4.00 Add to Cart


Types of Spiritual Entities

This guide will alert you to numerous types of spiritual entities that can affect people and is especially helpful for those engaged in deliverance ministry. SKU# MTS - $4.00 Add to Cart


Daily Prayer for Spiritual Protection

This guide contains separate spiritual warfare prayers for ministry leaders and non-ministry leaders to pray daily for spiritual protection of self, home, family (and ministry). SKU# MPS - 4.00 Add to Cart


Daily Prayer for Ritual Abuse Survivors and Prayer for the Unsaved

This prayer is especially designed for ritual abuse survivors to pray every morning and evening or when under attack to diminish spiritual activity in their lives. Also includes a “Prayer for the Unsaved.” SKU# MPU - 4.00 Add to Cart


Each guide is printed on an 8.5"x11" laminated 2-sided sheet.


Ritual Abuse

Staff 1

Set of 10 - SKU# MRA - $20 Add to Cart

Ritual Abuse


Summarizes areas of understanding needed for working with ritual abuse survivors.


1_Ritual Abuse Healing Overview

2_Luciferian Timeline Summary

3_Levels of Ritual Abuse and Programming

4_Programming/Spiritual Control Removal

5_Spiritual Warfare Guide to Spiritual Entities

6_Spiritual Dimensions

7_Ancestral Bondages

8_Addressing Cult-Loyalty

9_Handling Manifestations

10_Working with Unstable Survivors


Each guide is printed on an 8.5"x11" laminated 2-sided sheet.


Watch for additional Ministry Guides as they become available.