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Addressing Shame and Identity Conflicts


(Open to All)

March 9, 2024

Registration to attend the live webinar will end on Friday at 4:00 EDT, March 8.
The recorded webinar will be available several days after the live webinar
for anyone who registers later than this.

Intolerable conflicts concerning one’s identity; including one’s goodness, worthiness, loveableness, competence, power, etc.; are a very frequent consequence of childhood trauma and can be extremely debilitating factors in a person’s life and ability to be all that God created them to be. Resolving these shame-related conflicts can bring significant improvement to one’s quality of life.  

                                          This approximately 2-hour webinar will cover the following subjects:

  • The debilitating effects of shame

  • The roots of shame

  • The effects of shame on a DID system

  • Understanding identity conflicts

  • Resolving shame and identity conflicts

Webinar will start at 12:00 noon ET and will run approximately two hours,
depending on the number of questions asked.

($20 Add to Cart) ($10 Add to Cart  Survivor)