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Educating and Empowering Survivors

Restoring the Shattered - this training series is both survivors' and counselors' most important resource.


Survivor Matters - Diane's newsletter written especially for survivors, but also helpful to counselors.


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HEALING FROM DID: Understanding the Healing Journey - 2nd Edition

by Diane W. Hawkins

This set includes all of Module 3 plus selected portions of Module 1

of the Restoring the Shattered training series (RTS). (List of Titles)


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SKU# CHD2 - $40 - $20 (8 CDs with Notebook) Add to Cart

SKU# CH3b - $25 - $12.50 (MP3-CD with Notebook) Add to Cart

SKU# PHD2 - $15 - $7.50 (Notebook only) Add to Cart


This set includes all of Module 3 of the RTS set plus select portions of Module 1 and is designed to provide a smaller package to survivors unable to afford the complete RTS series. These selected teachings directed to survivors present a broad overview of the necessary elements for successful healing from DID; including the importance of a relationship with God, education, motivation, and perseverance; as well as a complete teaching of the Primary Identity Approach to Healing DID. While presented to educate and empower survivors, it provides deep understanding and instructions for overcoming dissociation that are invaluable to DID facilitators as well.

Remember the Survivor Matters Newsletter is a Free download. Survivor Matters

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BECOMING WHOLE: What Do I Need to Get There?

by Diane W. Hawkins

(single CD) SKU# CBW - $6.00 Add to Cart


Diane describes the three most important factors contributing to her healing: her relationship to God, education, and perseverance.





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by Diane W. Hawkins

(Selected lectures from Restoring Shattered Lives Seminar)

SKU# CND - $16.00 (3-CDs) Add to Cart


These audio CDs are designed to provide validation, encouragement, direction, and hope for other abuse survivors and those desiring to understand and help them. >>MORE>>

-- A Personal Journey

-- Anger, Hate and Forgiveness

-- Why, God?



A selection from Not Destroyed



Anger, Hate, and Forgiveness

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CAH - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 58 min)


Diane describes her struggles to understand and address the rage in her life as a result of her abuse, leading to an extensive biblical study of anger, hate and forgiveness.


Anger Chart (A laminated flowchart described in the Anger, Hate, and Forgiveness lecture to aid in defining and resolving anger.)

$3.00 Add to Cart


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by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CHS - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 48 min)


An intensive look at the Crucifixion in the context of God's plan for man, Satan, and redemption.



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presesnted by Tom and Diane Hawkins

SKU# CPS - $65.00 (16-CDs) Add to Cart


Tom and Diane Hawkins present selected lectures from their couples' retreats which address marital and other relational issues of living with DID. >> MORE<<





Selections from Preventing Shattered Marriages



DID in Marriage: Scourge or Treasure?

SKU# CPSz - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 63 min)


Diane’s message challenges couples living with DID to see God’s purpose in their marriages.






Sexual Intimacy in DID Marriage

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CPSx - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 66 min)


In three separate messages Tom and Diane approach this sensitive and important subject from both a practical and biblical perspective.




Support Issues

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CSI - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 80 min.)

(selection from RSL 2003 training series)


Describes many of the resulting dynamics of childhood trauma and dissociation as well as the ways that other individuals and churches can provide support to these wounded people in a wise manner as they walk the journey to healing.

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by Linda Price

SKU# CLJ - $12.00 (CD) Add to Cart (PowerPoint presentation with free self-loading Viewer)

or SKU# PLJ-Book - $12.00 (book) Add to Cart


The Long Journey Home (either CD or book) presents a simple but powerful message. Its insightful words and straightforward illustrations connect with persons of every age in conveying the universal message of creation, wounding, protection, and redemption of one's original self in DID.


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