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RCM's materials are unique in content and provide

very helpful information to anyone who wants to better understand

(from a biblical perspective) the effects of early trauma and the resulting dissociative disorders.

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The Power of the Free Will in Spiritual Warfare


Primary Identity Approach Overview


Prenatal Healing Process (updated April 24, 2016)


Encountering Alters in Ministry

Distinguishing Demons and Alters


How Free Will Bonds and DID can Complicate Deliverance


The Danger of Christian Yoga



Cosmic Hierarchy and Appeal to the Heavenly Court

This is Tom’s beginning attempt to argue legal cases before God on behalf of survivors.

He eventually moved away from the elaborate format presented here to much more limited appeals

done multiple times through the healing process with much greater specificity in regard

to the survivor’s legal renunciations and petitions for spiritual freedom


Cosmic Hierarchy and the Appeal to the Heavenly Court (02/16/08)



Open Letters


Renunciations for Anyone


Breaking Ungodly Generational Inheritances (updated June 07, 2016)


Breaking Ungodly Relationship Bonds (updated June 07, 2016)


Kundalini Renunciation


Prayer of Release for Freemasons and their Descendants


Freemasonry/Kundalini Renunciation - Addendum (updated November 29, 2016)


Lewis Curse


Prayer of Release for Roman Catholics (April 4, 2016)


Renunciation for Fantasy Role Playing Games


Renunciation of Satan’s Counterfeit Religious System (updated July 21, 2015)



Additional Renunciations Especially for Ritual Abuse Survivors


Breaking a Generational Dedication (updated January 5, 2017)


Breaking Generational Bargains/Barters (updated June 04, 2016)


Restoring a Stolen Birthright (updated December 26, 2016)


Renunciation and Affirmation for Survivors (by Dr. Tom Hawkins)



We recommend that all ritual abuse survivors do these renunciations in the following order:


  1. Renunciation of Satan’s Counterfeit Religious System
  2. Kundalini Renunciation (This is another name for the Queen of Heaven, who is a major player in Lucifer’s Kingdom and deeply entwinedwith Freemasonry.)
  3. Prayer of Release for Freemasons and their Descendants
  4. Freemasonry/Kundalini Renunciation - Addendum
  5. Breaking Generational Bargains/Barters
  6. Breaking A Generational Dedication
  7. Restoring a Stolen Birthright


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