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Diane W. Hawkins


The Power of the

Free Will Spirit

in Spiritual Warfare


The Primary Identity Approach

to Healing DID


Who are the Shattered in Soul?


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Selections from the Couples' Retreat at Echo Mountain Inn in Hendersonvile, NC - 2006-2010

Preventing Shattered Marriages

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Tom and Diane Hawkins present selected lectures from couples' retreat

which specifically address marital issues of living with DID.


1—Tom & Diane’s Marital Journey - Part 1

2—Tom & Diane’s Marital Journey - Part 2

3—DID in Marriage-Scourge or Treasure

4Romans 8: God's Perspective of Your Spouse

5—Synchronization and Role Plays

6—1 Thess. 4: Taking the High Road in Marriage

7—Finding Your True Heart

8—Anger, Hate & Forgiveness

9—Questions & Answers

10—Emotions & Communication

11—Barriers to Communication

12—Sexual Intimacy & Wounded Partner

13—Questions & Answers

14—Power of Words: Blessing and Cursing

15—Marriage Covenant