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PIA Webinar 3: Bringing Healing to DID

Presented by Diane Hawkins


This recording will be available to watch at any time as often as needed, but it cannot be downloaded.


This 4-hour webinar covers the following subjects:

  • Why Healing Needs to Focus on the Primary Identities
  • The Role of Intolerable Conflicts in Dissociation
  • Types of Intolerable Conflicts
  • Surface-Level Conflicts
  • The Role of False Beliefs
  • Identifying Intolerable Conflicts
  • Identifying Root Intolerable Beliefs
  • Bringing Truth to Beliefs and Resolving Conflicts
  • How Resolving Primary-Level Conflicts Resolves Alter-Level Conflicts Too
  • Restoring the Original Self


Online Primary Identity Approach Training


This is the 3rd webinar of our online training program on the complete Primary Identity Approach to healing DID for anyone who is interested. We will offer a Certificate of Completion to everyone who views and passes an exam on the following three webinars:


Internship Prerequisite for RCM DID Training Program


This webinar is also a prerequisite for Week 1 of the the RCM DID Training (RDT) Program on the Primary Identity Approach. Passing an exam on the webinar content is required for those desiring to enter the certification program.


If you have already attended a Basic Week of the Tom Hawkins Memorial Internship, you may take the certification exam (information all given in Modules 3 of our Restoring the Shattered series) to have the webinar prerequisite waived if you pass. Failure to pass the exam will require you to attend or to view the webinar and retake the exam.

General Order: $40 Add to Cart

Special rate for survivors, if needed: $20 Add to Cart

Additonal cost for Certification Exam: $15 Add to Cart



Order and payment questions: 540-249-1027

Other webinar information or questions: 540-249-9119