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Attention Survivors!


This is a training opportunity

for you that includes

ministry demonstrations

and practical exercises.


Very helpful to both you and your counselor or partner.

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Focusing on the Primary Identity Approach


RCM Survivors' School of Healing




Part A: Primary Identity Approach - May 28-31

(Tuesday Dinner to Friday lunch)


Part B: Ritual Abuse Dynamics - June 2-4

(Sunday dinner to Tuesday afternoon)


RCM 25th Anniversary Celebration May 31-June 1


Christian Retreat Center

369 CRC Drive

East Waterford, PA 17021



Sponsored by Restoration in Christ Ministries, Grottoes, VA 24441



Part A of this school is designed to educate survivors concerning how to achieve healing from DID using the Primary Identity Approach, which greatly shortens the process compared to the traditional alter-centered approach. Training will include live ministry videos and practical exercises on utilizing the approach. Part B is designed to share deeper insights on gaining freedom from the spiritual bondage and control dynamics of ritual abuse.


Attendance at Part A (any year) or an online Survivor School of Healing is required to attend Part B.


Who May Attend:

The school is open to all dissociated survivors of childhood trauma who meet the qualifications specified below and can bring with them a partner who will be responsible for whatever support they need during the school. (See below for guidelines.) RCM may be able to provide some support persons, if needed.



Harrisburg, PA, is the nearest airport. We will try to arrange transportation from the airport, if needed.



The Christian Retreat Center has a 4-yr. old lodge with 24 motel-style rooms, each fully furnished with two queen-size beds and private bath, as well as two large lounge areas and several meeting rooms. The décor is rustic, including a fireplace and mounted deer and elk heads in the lounge. We have reserved the entire lodge for ourselves and understand there will be minimal other people on the grounds at that time. Meals will be provided in a dining facility next to the lodge. Overflow guests can stay in cabins (with bunkbeds and bath) or an RV/Tent site (with electricity, water, and sewer hook-ups).




RCM will charge a registration fee of $150/person for Part A and $100/person for Part B. This applies to both the survivor and the support person. The additional cost for lodging and meals will depend on the accommodation you choose. See page 4 of the Registration form. A non-refundable $50/person deposit is required with your registration. Registration deadline and complete payment must be received by May 15. RCM will handle all registration and room reservations. Some scholarship help will be available, if needed


School Instructor:

Diane Hawkins, President of Restoration in Christ Ministries



Check-in for Part A of the school will be from 2:00—5:00 Tuesday. The first introductory meeting will be at 5:00 in the main lounge followed by dinner at 5:30. Check-in for the 25th Anniversary Celebration will begin at 4:00 Friday. Dinner will be at 5:30. Check-in for Part B will be 3:00—5:00 on Sunday. Dinner will be at 5:30.



The daily schedule will consist of devotions, worship, teaching sessions, demonstration sessions, workbook sessions, and Q & A time. We will try to have some free time in the evenings.


Qualifications for Survivors:


Our primary goal is to make this a safe and productive learning environment for all who attend. In order to minimize potential problems in bringing a group of dissociated survivors together, we require the following:

  • Survivors must have been aware of their DID for at least 6 months. (Newly diagnosed survivors may be overwhelmed by the conversations of survivors who are further along in their journeys.)


  • Survivors must be stable enough to maintain a composed, adult state when in public. Those who are easily overwhelmed or triggered will be unable to absorb the material presented and could disturb the ability of others to do so.)


  • Survivors must be able to care for themselves with the aid of their support partner only. One-on-one ministry time will not be available with staff members during the school except for the possibility of group demonstrations.


  • Survivors must obtain their therapist/prayer minister’s agreement to their coming. Survivors without a therapist or prayer minister must have their pastor, home group leader, or other approved third party’s approval.


  • Survivors must recognize that a relationship with God will be stressed in this school and must be able to handle this. Christian worship will also be included.


We regret that these criteria may prevent some survivors from attending the in-person school. We urge those of you who cannot make it for whatever reason to consider attending our online Survivors’ School of Healing that will be offered several times a year.


We will use first names only during the school so survivors can feel as anonymous as they desire.


Qualifications for Support Partners:

  • Must not be an unhealed survivor or a Mason.


  • Must be a mature Christian believer committed to godliness who does not use spirit guides or practice yoga, martial arts, or Eastern alternative medicine practices involving the manipulation of energy, including acupuncture.


  • Must be familiar with DID and have had some experience in working with a person with DID when they switch or are triggered.


  • Must be comfortable in offering appropriate support and prayer to the person who might feel a range of emotions in response to the teachings, including confusion, frustration, sadness, depression, despair, anger, anxiety, or agitation.




While you will not be expected to bear ultimate responsibility for the survivor that you are supporting, we would like you to commit to the following guidelines:

  • You must plan to stay in the same building/RV in which the survivor you are supporting is staying. You do not have to stay in the same room.


  • If you are assigned to support a survivor that you do not know, we ask you to contact the person before the school by e-mail or phone. We also ask that you sit with the survivor at the first meal to get to know him/her.


  • You must attend all sessions with the person you are supporting. If the person leaves a session, you must make sure the person is okay.


  • The person must know where you are at all times in case you are needed.


  • You need to check with the person after each session to see how he/she is doing before leaving him/her.

  • When you retire in the evening, be sure the person you are supporting has your cell phone number to call you if needed.


  • You must alert a staff leader immediately if any significant problem arises.


  • You are expected to support the RCM program as presented and to keep any differing perspectives to yourself. You are free to discuss such differences with an RCM staff member.


  • You must not engage in counseling or teaching any other survivor at the school.


  • You are expected to provide a godly role model to the survivor and not participate in gossip or unwholesome, behind-the-scenes communication.


  • You will not be expected to engage in counseling, only support.


If you have any questions about qualifications, feel free to contact us at information@rcm-usa.org or call 540-249-9119.


To register, print and complete this Registration Form.

(Registration closed)


For questions regarding registration:

call 540-249-1027 or Email Office: rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org



Required Deposit for Registration




$50 Deposit


Required Deposit for Registration


Support Person


$50 Deposit









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