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Level II:

Ritual Abuse


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Level II: Ritual Abuse

Level II Eligibility

  • Counselors who are working with ritual abuse survivors and have attended Level I will be re-evaluated for acceptance into Level II. Additional references may be required.
  • Counselors must have been working with ritual abuse survivors for at least six months to be eligible to attend Units 7-9.

    In addition to requiring references for attendance, we reserve the right to refund the money and ask anyone to leave
    whom we discern is not ready for the material being presented or is disruptive or perceived as a threat to others.




    RDT Unit 8: Renunciation Writing 


    October 13—15, 2022


            Unit Components

      • Segment 1: Preliminary Actions
      • Segment 2: Generational Inheritances
      • Segment 3: Ancestral Covenants
      • Segment 4: Gaining Personal Freedom
      • Breaking Rituals, Covenants, Oaths, Vows
        • Disconnecting from Evil and Ungodly Beings
        • Removing Artificial Structures and Life Forms
        • Disconnecting from Powers and Networks
        • Releasing Parts from Captivity
          • Breaking Ungodly Relationship Bonds 

             Certified attendees will be required to write case study renunciations for each segment covered.




    For complete details, including required prerequisites and costs, download the RCM DID Training BOOKLET



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