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Level I:

Non-Ritual Abuse


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Level I: Non-Ritual Abuse

RDT Unit 3: Prenatal Healing I (Non-Ritual Abuse)

April 15—22, 2023


Registration Deadline: March 31

       April 17-20: recorded online training     ::::     April 15, 21, 22: live online Q & A and praticums

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Unit Components

      • Segment 1: Generational Inheritances & Curses Q & A and Practicums (April 15: live, online)
      • Segment 2: Prenatal Healing I (April 17-20: online recorded training)
      • Segment 3: Q & A, Exam, and Practicums (April 21-22: live online)


  • Complete RDT Units 1 & 2 (audit and certified)
  • Spiritual Warfare I webinar (audit and certified)
         Certified attendees must pass an exam. 
  • Generational Inheritances & Curses webinar—recorded online (audit and certified)
         Certified attendees must pass an exam.
  • Prenatal Healing CD or DVD (audit and certified)
  • God’s Revelation in Scripture and Ministry CD set (audit and certified)
         Audit attendees may substitute “Connecting to the Mind of Christ” CD.
  • Anger, Hate, and Forgiveness CD (certified)
  • Why, God? CD or The Cross and Human Suffering CD (certified)
         Renunciations (audit and certified):
      • "Kundalini/False Holy Spirit Renunciation"
      • " Prayer of Release for Freemasons and their Descendants"
      • "Freemasonry/Kundalini Addendum"
        • "Kundalini Enlightenment"
        • "Yoga Renunciation" (if applicable)
      • "Acupuncture Renunciation" (if applicable)


    (includes pdf notebook and "Prenatal Healing" ministry guides)

        • Audit Only: $250
        • Certification: $350
        • Previous attendees of Basic Week of Tom Hawkins Memorial Internship or Week 2 or Unit 3 of RDT Program:
              Audit: $125
              Certification: $250
        • Advanced placement or retaking of certification exam: $15
        • Advanced placement or retaking of practicum: $50

        Further discounts (only one of the following may be applied):

            • 20% off for RCM Partners
            • 20% off per person for married couples or ministry colleagues coming as a group of 2 or more.


    Internship APPLICATION


    Please print and mail completed application to: Restoration in Christ Ministries, PO Box 479, Grottoes, VA 24441
    or FAX to 540-249-9716

    or scan and e-mail to rcmoffice@rcm-usa.org.


    (Please note that information sent by e-mail is less secure.)



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