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An Overview of Ritual Abuse Healing


(Open to All)

July 13, 2024

Registration deadline to attend the live webinar is Friday at 4:00 EDT, July 12.

The recorded webinar will be available within a week after the live webinar
for anyone who registers later than this.


Ritual abuse is a complex form of child abuse perpetrated by cultists serving a Satanic agenda. It uses extreme trauma to create dissociated identities in a young child so that some of them can be subjected to demonization and mind control programming for the purpose of serving the kingdom of darkness. Survivors of this kind of abuse face a very complex process of healing.  

                                             This webinar will focus on presenting an overview of that healing process. It will explain:

  • The two main parts of a ritual abuse survivor’s identity system

  • The human, control, and spiritual dynamics that need to be addressed to bring healing to the person

  • The role of God and the role of the survivor in achieving healing

  • Two key tools that RCM uses to bring healing to ritual abuse survivors:

                                                                   • The RCM Prenatal Healing Process
                                                                   •  Renunciations

Webinar will start at 12:00 noon ET and will run approximately two hours,
depending on the number of questions asked.

($20 Add to Cart) ($10 Add to Cart  Survivor)

EXAM - $15 Add to Cart  (for certified RDT intern applicants only)