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RCM DID Training Program (RDT)



This 2022 program now offers Units of training to qualified counselors and prayer ministers.
Level I is divided into three Units and provides the option for both audit and certification.

Note:  In this document “counselors” refers to professional counselors or prayer ministers.

Two Levels of Training

Level I: Non-Ritual Abuse

  • Unit 1: Preliminary Counseling Issues
  • Unit 2: Primary Identity Approach
  • Unit 3: Prenatal Healing I

Level II: Ritual Abuse

  • Unit 4: Spiritual Realm and Control Dynamics
  • Unit 5: Healing the Human Dynamics of Ritual Abuse
  • Unit 6: Healing Control and Spiritual Dynamics
  • Unit 7: Lucifer’s Kingdom
  • Unit 8: Renunciation Writing
  • Unit 9: Ritual Abuse Prenatal Healing

III: Graduate Mentoring and Supervision

  • (Available only for Certified Grads of Levels I and II)

Two Options for Attendance


  • Certification: Eligible counselors desiring certification must complete all prerequisites, pass all prerequisite exams, complete all training segments, and pass the exams and practicums involved in these. Repeat exams or practicums will be allowed at additional cost.


  • Audit: Eligible counselors may attend the training units without taking the exams or doing the practicums. Slightly modified prerequisites will apply, and attendees taking this option will only receive a certificate of attendance.

Benefits of Certification


  • You will have this credential to validate your DID and ritual abuse ministry.
  • You will undoubtedly get a better grasp of the material and how to use it by doing the exams and practicums.
  • You will qualify for Level III, which will give you further opportunities for observation of Diane’s ministry sessions through the year and for receiving guidance and ministry to one of your clients once or twice a year in the Level III Units.

Special Benefits for Interns at All Levels


  • Special Q & A and update type webinars
  • Discounted rates for re-attendance at any Unit
  • Updates on advanced-level renunciations for those who have attended the advanced level Units.


Level I

  • Anyone counseling trauma survivors
  • Application with references required for acceptance into the program

Level II

  • Counselors who are working with ritual abuse survivors and have attended Level I will be re-evaluated for acceptance into Level II. Additional references may be required.

  • Counselors must have been working with ritual abuse survivors for at least six months to be eligible to attend Units 7-9.

In addition to requiring references for attendance, we reserve the right to refund the money and ask anyone to leave whom we discern is not ready for the material being presented or is disruptive or perceived as a threat to others.


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