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Level III: Graduate Mentoring and Supervision

RDT Week 5: Supervised Training

Grottoes, VA

July 22-24 & 26-27, 2021


Attendance is open only to Certified Graduates of Level II.

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Subject Matter


This week will consist of two major goals:

  • Providing updates on new insights gained in Ritual Abuse healing and spiritual warfare dynamics

  • Providing an opportunity for interns to bring an approved client to receive assessment, strategic planning, and/or live ministry within the group as well as guided supervision for intern in working with the client

      In addition to attending Week 5, interns at this level will also have the opportunity to sit in via Zoom as an unseen, silent listener on one or more of Diane’s ministry sessions/per month.



      • Any counselor or prayer minister who has been certified through Level II of the RDT program

          We still reserve the right to refund the money and ask anyone to leave whom we discern is not ready for the material being presented or is disruptive or perceived as a threat to others.




          Prerequisites may include new resources produced in the previous year that would be helpful to the interns. These will be designated at the time of registration.



      • Week 5: $500
      • Observing Diane’s Ministry Sessions ($15/session, $60/month, $150/quarter, or $500/year)


      • $75 off per person for married couples or ministry colleagues coming as a group of 2 or more.
      • 20% off for RCM Partners


        Internship APPLICATION

        (Not yet available)


        Please print and mail completed application to: Restoration in Christ Ministries, PO Box 479, Grottoes, VA 24441
        or FAX to 540-249-9716

        or scan and e-mail to




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