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"He has sent me to

bind up the


(shattered in heart

or mind), to proclaim

freedom for the

captives and release

for the prisoners."


Isaiah 61:1

Audio MessagesPhoto GallerySmall GroupsWhat is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

RCM has discovered that the Primary Identity Approach, taught in the following resources,


provides a much more efficient path to healing from DID than the traditional alter-centered approach.


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Restoring the Shattered Training Series (RTS) - 4th Edition


by Diane Hawkins


Various formats and individual modules available Order




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The Primary Identity Approach Simplified - (1 DVD - 2nd Edition)

by Diane W. Hawkins, M.A. (August 4, 2015)

SKU# DPS - $17 (1 DVD) Add to Cart


This DVD presents an abbreviated version of the Primary Identity Approach, which was developed by Tom and Diane Hawkins and is proving to be a much more efficient way of resolving DID than the traditional alter-centered approach. It is beneficial for counselors, survivors, or anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of DID and how to bring healing to it. It is especially recommended for those who have never been exposed to this healing approach or who have been confused by its full description in RCM’s other materials. In this simplified version Diane focuses on only the most important points, making it easier to understand, to remember, and to apply.

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The Primary Identity Approach Demonstrated (1 DVD)

by Diane W. Hawkins, M.A. (August 4, 2015)


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From experience we know that words, whether spoken or written, can never convey concepts as clearly as a live demonstration. Therefore, we are delighted to offer this live ministry demonstration to help convey the concepts of the Primary Identity Approach. In it you will see Diane Hawkins talk to a survivor about her primary identities, take an inventory of possible intolerable conflicts causing dissociation in her life, and then focus in to resolve one of them.


Staff 1Ministry Guides

by Diane W. Hawkins


Ministry Guides - Order entire set of guides or one of the following individual sets:


--Primary Identity Approach

--Working with Identities

--Counseling Issues

--Spiritual Warfare





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HEALING FROM DID: Understanding the Healing Journey - 2nd Edition

by Diane W. Hawkins


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SKU# CH3b - $25 - $12.50 (MP3-CD with Notebook) Add to Cart

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This set includes all of Module 3 (2nd edition) of the RTS set plus select portions of Module 1This set is designed to provide a smaller package to survivors unable to afford the complete RTS series. These selected teachings directed to survivors present a broad overview of the necessary elements for successful healing from DID; including the importance of a relationship with God, education, motivation, and perseverance; as well as a complete teaching of the Primary Identity Approach to Healing DID. While presented to educate and empower survivors, it provides deep understanding and instructions for overcoming dissociation that are invaluable to DID facilitators as well. (see corresponding List of Titles)

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Multiple Identities: Understanding and Supporting the Severely Abused

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# PMI - $25 Add to Cart
(232 pgs) - 3rd Edition - Expanded and Revised


Diane Hawkins' book, previously published as Supporting Ritual Abuse Survivors, has been updated and expanded to 232 pages. It is designed to bring understanding and support to survivors of severe childhood abuse, especially those who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as a result of sexual or ritual abuse.

Covering a wide range of topics, including trust, dissociation, memory, conflict, emotions, self-harm, and spiritual warfare, the book concludes with three appendices providing a glossary of terms, a list of types of alter-identities, and a Satanic calendar.


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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Recognizing and Restoring the Severely Abused

Volume One

by Tom R. Hawkins, Ph.D. with Diane W. Hawkins, M.A.

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Drawing upon a broad scope of literature in the DID field, this volume focuses on the psychological issues of DID which must be understood in order to recognize and treat those with this diagnosis. They are presented from a Christian perspective.


Provides invaluable guidance for therapists, counselors, prayer ministers and their DID clientele. Contains an extensive, explanatory listing of the often complex and subtle symptomatology of DID, an examination of mind-control programming with a suggested protocol for its resolution, a discussion on the reliability and healing of traumatic memory, and an introduction to Dr. Hawkins’ concept of "Primary Identity" dynamics, which can transform the efficiency of the therapy. >> More information <<


Due to Dr. Tom Hawkins’ death in 2010, the envisioned volumes 2 and 3 of this series will not be completed. The material that was to be covered in these additional volumes is presented in Modules 3 & 4 of our Restoring the Shattered Training Series.