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1Prenatal Healing

by Diane Hawkins

SKU# CPN - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 73 Min, updated Aug 2016)


In addition to summarizing her latest insights on the Primary Identity Approach, Diane explains a systematic way in which God’s revelation can be used to bring healing to the prenatal roots of many spiritual bondages and emotional wounds incurred before birth. This process is proving to be a successful way to bypass many blocking mechanisms of the cult-loyal system and to shorten the journey to spiritual freedom for ritual abuse survivors. Also available in DVD format.



Missing Keys & Hidden Strongholds

SKU# COK - FREE (Single CD - 63 min)

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Introducing a New CD to share with other Christians, especially pastors and counselors, to help them understand the importance of learning more about Dissociative Identity Disorder and how it touches their own life and ministry. MORE...





The Power of the Free Will in Spiritual Warfare

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CFW - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 38 min.)


Describes God’s absolute respect of man’s free will and its key role in applying the work of the Cross to set a person free from spiritual bondage, including how God honors the free will decisions of primary identities above those of their ancestors or alter-identities.


The Goal Before Us:

God's Ultimate Plan for Mankind

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CGB - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 48 min.)


Presents God’s ultimate plan for His children in eternity and how He uses the challenges of this life to prepare us for the degree of intimacy He desires to have with us then.



1Spiritual Freedom Through Renunciations

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CSF - $6.00 Add to Cart


Diane explains how renunciations provide “the word of our testimony,” spoken of in

Revelation 12:11, to overcome the enemy.




Experiencing More of God NOW

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CEM - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 48 min.)


This message, given at the 2016 Survivors’ Retreat, is a companion message to The Goal Before Us: God’s Ultimate Plan for Mankind and focuses on walking in the fullness of all that God makes available to us even before we reach heaven.


Connecting to the Mind of Christ

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CMC - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 59 min.)


Diane addresses the question of how all believers can connect to the mind of Christ and experience greater insight and revelation from God.

1Trauma Recovery Through Conflict Resolution

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CHS - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 66 min)


Describes how identifying and resolving the intolerable conflicts precipitated by a specific trauma can bring healing from its ongoing effects.



Why Am I Not Getting Healed?

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CWH - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 50 min)


Diane describes numerous reasons why some survivors are not finding healing from their DID.



The Cross, Forgiveness & Spiritual Freedom by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CFS - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 47 min.)


This CD describes the power of the Cross in restoring a shame-free image to survivors
of abuse and in setting them free from
three types of spiritual bondage.
The enormous importance that God places
on a person’s free will is also highlighted.


Power: God's Vs. Satan's

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CPG - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 53 min.)


Compares the power of Almighty God, represented in the Holy Trinity, with that of Satan’s counterfeits comprising the false religious system symbolized in end-times as the whore of Babylon.




Who Are the Shattered in Soul?

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CWS - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 30 min.)


An introduction to understanding DID and the need for ministry to this population.







Becoming Whole: What do I Need to Get There?

SKU# CBW - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 58 min)


Diane describes the three most important factors contributing to her healing: her relationship to God, education, and perseverance.



A Word to Pastors

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CWP - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD)


Sharing some of her own personal story, Diane helps pastors understand the nature of DID and discusses the challenges of addressing this issue within the church.



1Why, God?

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CWG - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 54 min.)

(also available in "Not Destroyed" CD-set)


Diane shares her own experience of seeking answers from God to reconcile His love and power with the horrible abuse He allowed her to suffer.


Sexual Intimacy in DID Marriage

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CPSx - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 66 min)


In three separate messages Tom and Diane approach this sensitive and important subject from both a practical and biblical perspective.


1Support Issues

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CSI - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 80 min.)

(selection from RSL 2003 training series)



Describes many of the resulting dynamics of childhood trauma and dissociation as well as the ways that individuals and churches can provide support to these wounded people in a wise manner in their journey to healing.


Emotional Synchronization in


by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CPSy - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 60 min)


Describes and illustrates through role plays how matching emotional states with an individual improves communication and relationship.




1Anger, Hate & Forgiveness

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CAH - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 58 min)

(also available in "Not Destroyed" CD-set)

Diane describes her struggles to understand and address the rage in her life as a result of her abuse, leading to an extensive biblical study of anger, hate and forgiveness.


Anger Chart - $2.50 (A laminated flowchart described in the Anger, Hate, and Forgiveness lecture to aid in defining and resolving anger.) Add to Cart


DID in Marriage: Scourge or Treasure?

SKU# CPSz - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 63 min)


Diane’s message challenges couples living with DID to see God’s purpose in their marriages.








1The Cross & Human Suffering

by Diane W. Hawkins

SKU# CHS - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 48 min)


An intensive look at the Crucifixion in the context of understanding the place of human suffering in God's overall plan for man, Satan, and redemption.

1The Long Journey Home

by Linda Price

SKU# CLJ - $12.00 (CD) Add to Cart

Presents a simple but powerful message with insightful words and straightforward illustrations connecting with persons of every age in conveying the universal message of creation, wounding, protection, and redemption of one's original self in DID.

Copyright © 1999, 2004


I Am Forgiven: The Life God Blesses

by David McQueen

SKU# CFG - $6.00 Add to Cart

(Single CD - 30 min.)


A pastor discusses forgiveness in the context of his own struggle to accept Jeffrey Dahmer's salvation experience.



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